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    About us

    RESHRD Changeable QR Clothing - About us


    Streetwear has always been about expressing yourself and not accepting the status quo. We believe that changeable QR codes empower people wearing our collections by giving them control over what their clothing represents.


    We’ve always been fascinated by streetwear and casualwear intersecting, which inspired us to create a collection that combines the best of the two worlds. The #WILDLIFE collection highlights values important to us: boldness, nature, and perseverance.

    Perseverance: High-quality materials with unwashable QR codes that are meant to last, and be used for years.

    Boldness: The designs have been done in a way that connects us with the emotions that we feel when we think about wild animals. The artist behind them is an up-and-coming designer and photographer @adam.kavecki.

    Nature: Our clothes and approach embody the true nature-friendly approach. We’re only working with producers who use the most eco-friendly methods of production. On top of that, we’ve pledged to truly offset all the CO2 that has been generated by our actions.


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