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    How does changeable QR clothing work?

    Wondering how it’s possible that you’re able to change the link on your clothes?

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     black qr hoodie on a young man

    How it works — simplified

    When you get an item, you also gain access to the Control Panel. To change the link to your QR clothing, simply log in, choose a clothing item, and paste the link you want.

    Bam! From now on, when someone scans your clothes, it will redirect them to the page you chose.

    Feel like changing the link? No worries, simply log in, paste a new one, and… your QR clothing is updated!

    How does the QR clothing work? — for geeks

    So, QR is basically a link represented in a form of a 2-dimensional barcode. It’s widely used by businesses, mostly in marketing and logistics. There haven’t been too many use cases for QR codes for regular folks like you and me but this has now changed.

    Each clothing item we create has a unique QR code that links to the unique website from which it is further redirected to the site you as a user choose.

    To picture it better:

    how qr clothing works - qr hoodie

    1. You buy a t-shirt with a QR code that leads to the page
    2. In the QR Control Panel (shown below), you choose the page that will redirect to.
    3. As a music enthusiast, you paste the link to your favorite song: LINK
    4. When someone scans the QR code on your t-shirt, they will be instantly redirected to that fabulous song.
    5. Then, since you are also a fun lad, you decide to change the page on your tee to your favorite picture. So you paste this link on your QR Control panel: LINK
    6. From now on, the lucky people who scan your t-shirt will be redirected to the marvelous picture of a muscular SpongeBob.

    The system works 24/7 and changes the link in just a second. Oh, and there are unlimited changes you can make to your QR. So whenever you feel the urge to share something else than you presently are, simply change the link on the QR Control Panel.

    QR Control Panel - RESHRD

    If you still have any questions, be sure to contact us here.